Drought Angels

Queensland is currently suffering its worst drought on record and we need to help! So this Christmas we are joining with ‘Drought Angels’ – to try and bring some Christmas Cheer to families in need.

Natasha Johnston and Nicki Blackwell, two ladies from Chinchilla have formed ‘Drought Angels’ – a charity to help assist ease the financial burden rural families are facing due to the ongoing drought in south-west Queensland. The Drought Angels collect donations of food and groceries which they deliver to families in need. The number of calls from farmers who need help is increasing and the Angels’ cupboard is bare. They are desperately low on food and funds.

We are proud to be supporting Drought Angels and all our staff, friends and guests have made it possible for us to donate a Hilux full of food to help the cause!

drought angels

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation you can visit the Chinchilla Family Support Centre website. www.cfsc.org.au
Show your support by visiting the Drought Angels’ Facebook Page and giving them a big thumbs up.


drought angels