Sponsorship Application

  • Describe your organisations target audience. This may be split into participants, attendees, spectators or other groups that your organisation appeals to.
  • How long has your organisation been established? How would you describe your reputation in the community? Please provide examples of your involvement and positive impact on the community.
  • Please provide detail on the exposure levels our dealership will receive. Signage, where and for how long. Logo placement examples website, venue etc.
  • What established communication channels does your organisation have and what access will we be granted? E.g. database, media partnerships, social media.
  • Please describe the time that your organisation is active. E.g. weekly September – April, annually in August.
  • Please suggest ways that you believe our relationship could be measured? (E.g. sales leads, audience numbers)
  • Please advise of any existing partners and your sponsorship structure. Where does this partnership fit? Is it in competition with Black Toyota?
  • Please detail the benefits offered and the investment you are seeking or alternatively attach a prospectus below.
  • Please attach a partnership proposal that details the benefits offered and the investment you are seeking.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.